The Sweet Spot……Brave and Bold.

Im having a lot of fun in the studio right now fusing all these different styles together. Theres a sweet spot somewhere between Trap, Dubstep, Bass, Rave, DnB, Footwork, Juke and Chinese Melodramatic song…, scrub that last one. Seeing where all this goes ….not sure where its going next.

The Good, The Bad and the downright Dutty.

Hey Fam……2013 was quite an interesting year for music, at least Electronic Music. As the proliferation of genres reaches toward infinity so does the amount of amazing music out there. I put this mix together at the beginning of the year as a kind of retrospective of all things baddass in bass. I hope you enjoy. The mix cuts across a broad range of shades in bass…..the good, the bad and the downright Dutty.

SUBCULTURE….Whistlers Newest Bass Night!!!!












PROPATINGZ presents SUBCULTURE….A weekly Bass night to hit Whistler every Monday… are guaranteed the latest sound from the cutting edge of bass  from across the globe…..come join the movement…..@ Moejoes Nightclub, 4115 Golfers Approach, Whistler.



Shifting sands has been released with Aussie bass boys “BLUNT INSTRUMENT” stepping up on remix duties…..we are really happy with there contribution and stoked to have this track represented by SIMPLIFY RECORDINGS…..go grab yourself a copy at this link.


Noise Porn











Big thanks to the guys at NOISE PORN for taking the time to review Shifting sands….as they put it, Shifting Sands is less Glitch Hop and more Glitch Pop….we tend to agree and have been making efforts to transcend genre rigidity…. to read the full review click this link.

PropaTingz Fall/Winter Chart up on Beatport….


Those hardworking peeps at BEATPORT have asked us to select a few key tracks that are doing it in the PROPA! camp right now….swing on over to beatport now to sample some hotness by clicking here.




New track uploaded to soundcloud…..a Trap/rave/smashemup anthem to cap off the the summer!!!! Enjoy!!! PT

Precognition Vol 2 Released for Free Download!!!

Another free bee for the fam….this time I worked with Vancouver musician Matt Cairns to produce this dubstep/rock hybrid….yours for free download when you click here.


After a long hiatus we have some freshness for you from the PropaTingz camp. We are proud to present the first in a series of releases from the new PropaTingz Live project “PRECOGNITION”. The project is an amalgamation of different genres, nu media and stellar musicianship fused into the seething dance floor sentiment of PropaTingz.
You can download the first instalment (with press kit + info) absolutely free here

PropaSundays and Podcast!











Hey fam……we are super stoked to announce a new night hosted by PROPATINGZ at the mighty MAXX FISH, Whistler, BC, Canada. We will be hosting some amazing international talent and bringing you a series of podcasts so the international fam can partake in the goodness! First podcast is a mix by the man himself PROPATINGZ. You can download the mix here. For more info about Maxx Fish click here. Let the madness begin…:)

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